Astrological Magic:
Basic Rituals & Meditations

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To read a review by Samuel Scarborough, click here.

To read a review by Tabatha Cicero, click here.

A guide to ritual for contemporary astrologers
and magicians

Astrological Magic: Basic Rituals & Meditations is designed for both beginning and experienced ritualists. Written by two veteran ritualists with twenty years of experience apiece, it describes magic in terms of spiritual healing, and is especially written for contemporary astrologers (both traditionalists and modernists) who want a more hands-on, ritualized, and astrologically-based spirituality to complement their chart-reading practices.

This book is also designed for those interested in ritual magic, the Tarot, and meditative practices as paths to a spiritually-centered life. For those focusing on ritual magic, this book will teach them how to eventually write their own rituals. For those seeking a deeper understanding of the Tarot, it illuminates the astrological powers behind these cards, and for practitioners of meditation, every ritual includes two meditations.

Following an extensive introduction full of instruction and hints, including a primer on astrological elections, Astrological Magic contains rituals on all Elements, Planets, and Signs, with a culminating ritual for each group. Tarot meditations and other visualizations, Appendices on incenses and color, and more are included in this invaluable guide to astrological ritual and spirituality. (378 pages)

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New Ritual Music. We're also proud to announce the imminent release of Astrologial Magic: Music for the Elements, a series of audio tracks for the Elements by MjDawn, a professional musician and long-time ritualists. To preview and order this and other albums, go to our music page.

Book Reviews

Refreshing...I highly recommend this book to any and all magicians regardless of tradition or ability.

- Samuel Scarborough

It should be read for its knowledge, and experienced for its practical workings and benefits. A must-have for anyone interested in magic and astrology.

- Tabatha Cicero

A full-throated, yet eloquent argument for using astrology to live more fully and more meaningfully.

- J.R., Hilton Head Island, SC

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