Astrological Prediction:
A Handbook of Techniques

by Öner Döşer

$24.95 + S/H

Harmonizing traditional and modern techinques
for contemporary astrologers

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This new work by popular Turkish astrologer Öner Döşer embodies an important new trend in astrology: the harmonizing of traditional and modern techniques for contemporary astrologers.

In this first English edition, Döşer presents numerous powerful and ancient techniques for natal charts, focusing on the use of "time lords": planets and places which manage one's life, in order, for various amounts of time.

The traditional techniques here include: Ptolemy's Ages of Man, triplicity periods, distributions or directions through the bounds, primary directions, profections, and firdaria. Contemporary techniques include secondary progressions, solar arcs, and transits.

Of special importance is the combination of techniques, such as transits to a solar return, or in conjunction with firdaria periods. With concluding chapters on eclipses and solar returns, Döşer provides valuable advice for using these techniques in rectification.

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Öner Döşer is a leading Turkish astrologer with many followers in social and national media. He is the first Turkish astrologer to organize a live, interactive training program online, and is the founder of Astrology School Publishing and Astrology TV. He has published sixteen books (three in English), in addition to many articles in international astrological publications. Since 2012 he has organized the popular International Astrology Days in Istanbul, which has drawn regional and international speakers and entertainers.

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