Astrology of the World II:
Revolutions & History

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Ingresses and conjunctional theory from the Persians

Astrology of the World II: Revolutions & History is the second in a trilogy of writings from medieval astrologers, focusing on astrological theories of history, mundane time lords and predictive techniques, Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions, and annual ingresses. Many texts have been translated directly from Arabic, and authors include Masha'allah, Abu Ma'shar, Sahl, 'Umar al-Tabari and Kankah, al-Qabisi, and al-Rijal (Haly Abenragel).

After an extensive Introduction with helpful charts and tables, Part 1 provides short summaries and principles. Part 2 includes three works by Masha'allah on ingresses and conjunctional theory, and a work attributed to Abu Ma'shar containing chart examples from Sahl. Part 3 is a new translation of Abu Ma'shar's Flowers, with some corrections based on Arabic manuscripts. Finally, Part 4 is a complete translation from Arabic of the mundane part of al-Rijal's Book of the Skilled in the Judgments of the Stars. Dr. Benjamin Dykes also provides tables of Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions, and several mundane examples from Sahl b. Bishr, with historical commentary.

Throughout, Dr. Dykes provides helpful introductory comments and analysis to aid the modern reader in this complex subject. It is a must-have for traditional astrologers and historians of astrology. (569 pages)

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