Ambient Music Series:

Soundtracks for astrological ritual and meditation

In partnership with recognized electronic artist MjDawn and AtmoWorks, we now feature ambient music as MP3 downloads and CDs, to accompany our series of astrological ritual and meditation books.

Astrological Magic: Music of the Elements

Music of the Elements was specially composed by recognized electronic artist and ritualist MjDawn to accompany the Elemental rituals published in Astrological Magic: Basic Rituals & Meditations. These ambient soundtracks will help transport listeners to the Elemental realms, rising from Earth to Spirit in their spiritual path to harmony and well-being.(5 tracks)

Preview the Earth track

Preview the Air track

Preview the Water track

Preview the Fire track

Preview the Spirit track

MP3 Download

144 MB

Nights: Ambient Music by miKroNaught

Nights is a special, 2-disc remastering by MjDawn of the album GAMMA, and is a deep and powerful set of 2 full-disc soundtracks suitable for meditation or ritual work, especially those in Astrological Magic: Basic Rituals & Meditations. We have used these tracks in practice, and they are among the best we have heard. (2 discs, 47min / 56 min)

Preview Once Night

Preview Twice Night

MP3 Download

218 MB

Aeonian Glow: Ambient Music by Vir Unis

Continuing with our releases by MjDawn and Atmoworks, we present Aeonian Glow (A New Aeon) as an MP3 download. Originally produced and mixed by the renowned Steve Roach, ambient engineers and artists MjDawn and Vir Unis created a new version from the original, pre-mixed files, including the disovery of a new track. Be sure to find a secret and comfortable space in which to imbibe the glow of timeless atmospheres and soaring washes of sound, swirling and percolating in a brew of light rays and dark abysses. This album is perfect for ritual work and creates a beautiful meditative mood. (About 90 minutes, 9 tracks in 2 versions + artwork).

Preview A New Aeon

Preview A Night of Passage

Preview Alien Machinery

Preview Flying Dream

Preview Glide

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