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September 2016: England tour: AFA Conference, Bolton, Liss (Hampshire)

In September I will be giving three sets of talk in England, please attend if you are able!

September 9-11: Astrological Association conference (Wyboston Lakes). I will give a workshop on Lots on Friday the 9th, and a plenary talk on aversion on Saturday the 10th.

September 13 (Tuesday evening): Bolton Astrological Society. I will give an workshop on techniques of eminence and prosperity. I am told that the usual venue has changed to a larger one due to the number of interested participants! For more information, contact the Society at:

September 24 (Saturday): Association of Professional Astrologers International, held in Liss, Hampshire. (Note: an early e-mail accidentally said Hull.)I will give a full-day workshop on distributions, an ancient predictive technique that use all the time with clients. For more information, contact Robert Andersion at Attendees are encouraged to send their birth data beforehand to Sharon Knight ( so I can make the proper printouts.

January 21-25, 2016: FAA Conference, Sydney, Australia

Come to beautiful Sydney and experience astrology down under! At the FAA, I will offer 3 75-minute talks and one post-conference workshop. The shorter talks include: (1) Special planetary configurations in traditional astrology, (2) Primary directions without tears, and (3) Traditional mundane astrology. To these will be added a post-conference workshop: Predicting Using Distributions Through the Bounds/Terms. For information, please see the FAA conference page.

After the conference, I will also be giving an evening talk and full-day workshop at the Gold Coast astrology group, on January 29-30. For more information, please contact Pam Rogowski,

June 11-16: 6-Day Traditional Astrology Intensive in Taipei, Taiwan

Building on the success of my Bali intensive (2013), I am happy to announce a 6-day traditional astrology intensive in Taipei, Taiwan (June 11-16), organized and hosted by SATA (Skygaze Academy of Traditional Astrology) and Cecily Han. The intensive requires no previous knowledge about traditional astrology. We will move quickly from basics to interpretive techniques involving sect, house interpretation, Lots, eminence, and more; we will also explore numerous predictive techniques such as profections, solar revolutions, and distributions through the bounds. For more information and to book a place in this limited-attendance intensive, see the SATA webpage.

2015 AFA Conference: The Cosmic Clock (April 9-11, Tempe Arizona USA)

Join us in Arizona for the next AFA conference, focusing on time, timing, and prediction! As with past conferences, a panel of four speakers will present exciting material to all attendees, emphasizing traditional techniques but accessible to all. Speakers include: Ben Dykes, Demetra George, Deb Houlding, and Chris Brennan. There is an additional, pre-conference workshop on horary by Deb Houlding. This panel format has been very successful in the past, and allows everyone to share in the same experiences while enjoying the Arizona climate. For more information, go to the American Federation of Astrologers page.

Past Engagements

Astrological Association of Romania: Bucharest, October 12, 2014

This special, hands-on workshop hosted by the AAR will show how to use "distributions," an ancient and powerful predictive technique, in both natal and solar return charts. Distributions (sometimes called directing through the bounds/terms) divide the life up into chapters, in which various issues will arise in life. Special rules govern when these affairs will be more intensified. When applied in a solar return, they can yield a year-long story with events that are accurately predicted to within a week or a day. We will focus on distributions of the Ascendant, for general themes in life. Few contemporary astrologers have learned how to use this technique or been exposed to its application to solar revolutions.

For more information, see the AAR website.

International Astrology Days: Istanbul, March 20-23

Benjamin Dykes will be a featured speaker at the International Astrology Days events, hosted by Oner Doser. On Thursday, March 20 he will give a free public talk on free will and determinism (45 minutes). On Sunday, March 23, he will give a practical workshop on basic concepts and techniques in traditional astrology: basic rules for interpretation, dignities and counter-dignities, aversion, basic predictive techniques, and several ways of identifying the ruler of the chart and deriving the name of its Angel (with instructions on how to construct an image of the Angel).

For more information, visit the English version of the School of Astrology.

Edinburgh Workshop on Distributions, Saturday March 29

This special, hands-on workshop hosted by the Scottish Astrological Association will show how to use "distributions," an ancient and powerful predictive technique, in both natal and solar return charts. Distributions (sometimes called directing through the bounds/terms) divide the life up into chapters, in which various issues will arise in life. Special rules govern when these affairs will be more intensified. When applied in a solar return, they can yield a year-long story with events that are accurately predicted to within a week or a day. We will focus on distributions of the Ascendant, for general themes in life. Few contemporary astrologers have learned how to use this technique or been exposed to its application to solar revolutions.

This workshop also works best if attendees submit their (confidential) birth data to the organizer (Mark Cullen), so we can provide everyone with their own personal printouts and charts adapted to these techniques. Attendees are also encouraged to bring a scientific calculator.

For more information, see the SAA website and contact Mark Cullen (

Bolton Astrological Society: An Evening of Lots and Conversation, Tuesday, April 1

This evening's talk will be practical and conversational. We will begin by learning how to interpret Lots ("Arabic Parts"), focusing on family-oriented Lots: the Lots of parents, marriage, children, and perhaps friends and action. All of these Lots may be interpreted using the same approach, which attendees can use on their own with ease. We will also informally discuss general questions and advice about traditional astrology: how to practice it, what its contributions are, etc. Attendees are encouraged to come to the talk with their own natal charts (or those of family members), with the following parameters: whole-sign houses, no planets beyond Saturn (or other bodies), and the Lot of Fortune calculated with the day-night distinction.

For more information, contact Jennifer Staveley-Hall (

Bath, England: Treasures Before Lilly: Medieval Contributions and Techniques, Sunday April 6

This workshop will teach a mixture of history, concepts, and practical techniques for astrologers of all backgrounds, stemming from the ancient and medieval (particularly Persian-Arabic) periods in astrology. Topics will include original meanings and practical uses of counter-dignities like detriment and fall, "aversion" (which nowadays includes some minor aspects), and how to understand and interpret Lots, such as the Lots of the Father, Mother, and Marriage. If time permits we will also learn basic ideas in Persian mundane astrology.

For more information, including location and price, contact Jill Shearer ( or visit

Heaven and Earth Workshop: Bali, Nov 15-22, 2013

This 7-day intensive will introduce modern practitioners to ideas and techniques which animated our Art for many centuries, from the Hellenistic and Persian Empires through the Arab conquests and the Latin West. It is suitable both for professional astrologers and astrology students, and does not assume any prior knowledge of traditional astrology. However, we will quickly move beyond basic concepts and introduce "bread and "butter" techniques as well as advanced topics (including some mundane astrology). The intensive will involve lecturing and a discussion of many concepts, but the primary focus will be on practical chart work—primarily on the nativities of the attendees—and how we can understand traditional notions in the modern world. For more information, see the Heaven and Earth site.

NCGR Conference (Aug 15-19, 2013)

In this talk, Benjamin Dykes will review a variety of traditional theories and techniques in mundane astrology, many drawn from my recent translations from Arabic astrologers: weather prediction, eclipses and comets, conjunctional theories of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, ingress charts, and time-lord techniques such as mundane profections, firdariyyat, and the "thousands." We will apply some of these techniques to actual charts in order to appreciate better how they work and how we can use them today. For more information, see the NCGR website.

The American Federation of Astrologers, Phoenix, Arizona (May 2-4, 2013)

As part of a larger panel of presenters on "The Art of Prediction," Benjamin Dykes will speak on solar revolutions (solar returns). Solar revolutions have been part of the the astrologer's "annual check-up" toolbox for many centuries. In this session we will look at two related approaches to solar revolutions, with practical examples: the earlier Persian approach which combined revolutions with other techniques like profections and transits, and the later one which treated the revolution as more independent. We will also talk about the general relationship between revolutions and the nativity, and what they can and can't do. For more information, contact the AFA.

Bolton Astrological Society, England (March 23, 2013)

This full-day workshop will be in two parts. In the morning, we will look at some central concepts in traditional astrology, especially those which are important for chart interpretation and how traditional astrology works. In the afternoon, we will go in-depth into two related and powerful predictive techniques: profections (with its all-important planet, the "lord of the year"), and traditional solar revolutions (or solar "returns"). We will see how traditional astrologers used profections, revolutions, transits, and directions together in making annual predictions. By the end, participants will have the tools they need to start making accurate and informative interpretations and predictions using ancient techniques. For more information, contact Jennifer Staveley-Hall at

International Astrology Days, Istanbul, Turkey (March 17, 2013)

In this workshop, we will look at three different topics and techniques in traditional astrology. First, we will learn about "primary directions," an ancient predictive technique which was used to describe both individual events and longer periods in which certain themes in life become active. We will also look at how directions are used in rectification. Second, we will examine two Lots for parents: the Lot of the Father, and the Lot of the Mother. These Lots are used to describe what a person's parents were like, and a bit about their careers, personality, and ongoing conditions, including death. Finally, we will study different techniques for looking at prosperity and status in the birth chart, using medieval Persian authors as well as ancient authors such as Firmicus Maternus and Vettius Valens. These fascinating techniques employ fixed stars, triplicity lords, the Lot of Fortune, and more.
For more information, see Oner Doser's site.

STARS (Minnesota NCGR): Lecture and Workshop (Nov 16-18, 2012)

Benjamin Dykes will give an evening talk on how to interpret charts using traditional astrology (Nov. 16), and a full-day workshop on an ancient predictive technique called "distributions" or "directing through the bounds/terms." This method divides life up into periods according to the arrangement of your chart, and can also be used to make predictions down to the day in a solar revolution (solar return). Attendees will be able to work on their own charts, and will be able to order Delphic Oracle at a discount. Sign up for the talk and workshop at, and send birth data to

The Astrological Association of Great Britain, Wyboston Lakes (Sept 7-9, 2012)

Benjamin Dykes will give two lectures at the AA conference: an introduction to traditional astrology, and a presentation on philosophical issues in astrology that pertain to freedom, fate, metaphysics, and moral responsibility. For more information, see the AA website.

UAC 2012, New Orleans USA, May 2012

Benjamin Dykes will give two lectures in New Orleans: on traditional distributions/directions through the bounds, and delineations of friends and family members in the natal chart. For more information, see the UAC website.

Featured article: Astrology: The New Generation (late May 2012)

In this exciting book of essays by contemporary astrologers, Benjamin Dykes describes the traditional concepts of "time lords," with extensive examples of profections and distributions (traditional predictive techniques). To see a flyer for the book, click here. To order, visit Flare Publications.

Istanbul: March 21-25, 2012

Benjamin Dykes will be giving two workshops on the predictive method of "distributions," to Hakan Kirkoglu's group and to Oner Doser's Astrologi Okulu as part of International Astrology Days.

Federation of Australian Astrologers, Melbourne, January 2012

Benjamin Dykes will give three lectures (on eminence, family and friends, and fate/freedom) and a pre-conference workshop (on distributions/directions through the bounds) at the FAA conference in Melbourne. For more information, see the FAA website.

Istanbul: Sunday, October 2, 2011

Benjamin Dykes is happy to be invited to speak at Oner Doser's mixed (traditional/modern) astrology group. For more information, contact Oner Doser at

Germany Conference, Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Sept. 29-30, 2011

Benjamin Dykes is honored to be one of the discussants with the International Research Consortium on Fate, Freedom and Prognostication, on "Astrologers and their clients in medieval and early modern Europe." For more information, go to the Consortium website.

The American Federation of Astrologers (Tempe AZ, USA), September 22-24, 2011

In honor of the pioneering work of James Holden, Benjamin Dykes will join Demetra George and Chris Brennan in a 3-day seminar on traditional astrology. On Thursday, Demetra George will provide an introductory tutorial of basic concepts and approaches. On Friday and Saturday, the team will talk about numerous techniques and philosophical positions in traditional astrology, including discussion panels and reflections on the value and future of traditional astrology. For more information, go to the AFA conference website.

The Scottish Astrological Association, Saturday May 28, 2011

Benjamin Dykes will give a one-day seminar at the SAA in Edinburgh:

The Theosophical Society
28 Great King Street, Edinburgh

For details, contact Mark Cullen:
Tel: 07504591204

Astrological Explorers Group, Brighton, UK, Tuesday May 17, 2011

Benjamin Dykes will give an evening talk for the regular meeting of this traditional group in lovely Brighton. For more information, contact Trav at

Online Radio Interview on WTAR: Thursday, May 5, 2011, 7PM CT

Benjamin Dykes will talk with host Chris Brennan about his recent translations, and other topics in traditional astrology. For more information, see the WTAR site.

ASC April 2010: Career, Life Path and Vocational Astrology

On April 25th 2010 Dr. Dykes will give a talk in London at the Astrology Student Conference sponsored by the London School of Astrology and the Mayo School of Astrology. Entitled "Profession and Life Purpose in Traditional Astrology," this talk will explain and demonstrate several traditional ways of delineating profession, vocation, and life purpose in the nativity, including Lots (“Arabic Parts”) and predictive techniques. Dr. Dykes will draw on his recent translations and other traditional material to help you understand this fascinating area.

NCGR February 2010: Symposium on the History of Astrology

On February 25th, 2010, Dr. Dykes will participate in a symposium at the NCGR conference in Cambridge, MA, entitled ‘Moving Forward, Looking Back: Future Directions in Post-Modern Astrology.’ He will speak for approximately 40 minutes apiece on Medieval astrology and Renaissance Astrology.

Minnesota STARS Group, Sunday February 14, 2010

This Sunday, Dr. Dykes will speak again at the local NCGR group, STARS.

Gold Coast Astrological Society (Australia), Tuesday January 19, 2010

Directly after the FAA, Dr. Dykes will go to the GCAS and give an evening talk. He will remain for a few days and be available for readings and tutoring (details to follow).

FAA Conference 2010 January 14-18

Dr. Dykes will offer several talks and a workshop at the Federation of Australian Astrologers in Brisbane, plus a live 40-minute Q&A with Brian Clark.
  • Life purpose and spirituality. This talk uses traditional methods of delineating the Ascendant, Lots (Arabic Parts) and other techniques to illuminate a native’s spiritual purpose and personal happiness.
  • Delineating sexuality and relationships. This talk uses traditional techniques to explain and predict issues in natives’ sexuality and relationships.
  • Solar revolutions (solar returns). This talk explains how to use solar revolutions in conjunction with the natal chart and transits.
  • Preconference Workshop (January 14): This workshop will begin with instruction on how to understand and use some specialized concepts in medieval astrology, such as using detriment and descension, the "stakes" of a place or planet, and the importance of a planet aspecting its own sign. Then we will turn to a major area of life in the natal chart and do more complete and lengthy delineations of it (such as prosperity and eminence). Participants will be exposed to predictive techniques as well as both horary and natal charts.

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