Medieval Astrology Study Materials

If you are interested in learning medieval astrology, you are in luck! Students today have more access than ever to traditional material. But mastering the material involves comparing the views of many authorities. These free downloadable PDFs will help you make sense of traditional vocabulary, works, and techniques.

The Essential Medieval Astrology Cycle

This document outlines the upcoming cycle of translations, readings, and course material which will redefine the study and practice of medieval astrology.
The Essential Medieval Astrology Cycle

Medieval Astrology: Figures, Contributions, Outlooks

This short article introduces beginning students to some of the history, figures, and philosophical outlook of the medieval astrologers.
Medieval Astrology: Figures, Contributions, Outlooks

Arabic and Astrological Vocabulary

Confused by strange Arabic and Pahlavi (older Persian) words like mubtazz (almuten) or hilaj (hyleg)? Below is a PDF with brief descriptions and references to source materials for numerous common terms.
Arabic and Pahlavi Vocabulary

A Guide to Natal Topics in Persian Nativities

This PDF Guide will help students understand and compare the structure and teachings of the five central astrologers of Persian Nativities I-III: Masha'allah, Abu 'Ali al-Khayyat, 'Umar al-Tabari, Abu Bakr, and Abu Ma'shar.
Guide to Persian Nativities I-III (updated 7/6/10)

Firdariyyat Table

This table contains instructions on how to determine what period or firdariyyah a native is in, and how long it will last, based on the instructions by Abu Ma'shar in Persian Nativities III.
Firdariyyat Table

Table of Ascensions for Distributors (Directing through the Bounds)

Updated August 2014 This table contains an extensive table of ascensional times for the zodiacal signs (including a breakdown per degree), plus instructions on how to perform the calculations. These distributions or directions are used extensively in traditional astrology, and further instructions and delineations can be found in Persian Nativities III.
Table of Ascensions for Distributions

A Guide to Astrology Basics

[COMING SOON] This PDF Guide will provide a glossary and references from many sources for basic astrological material, such as elements, houses, aspects, Lot calculations, and more.

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