The Search of the Heart
by Hermann of Carinthia

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“Every question of astronomy... is either in thought or in speech.”

In the 1140s AD, Hermann of Carinthia assembled instructions from medieval Arabic-speaking authorities on interpreting the unstated thoughts of clients (now called “consultation charts”), often using a “victor” or mubtazz or almuten for topics or the chart. Hermann also offered his own reflections on the proper balancing of dignities, house rank, and planetary strength.

The Search of the Heart is now available for the first time. To Hermann’s book, Dr. Benjamin Dykes has added similar instructions and source texts from such notable astrologers as al-Rijal (Haly Abenragel), Sahl bin Bishr, Masha’allah, ‘Umar al-Tabari, al-Kindi, Abraham ibn Ezra, Leopold of Austria, Ptolemy, Hephaistio of Thebes, “Argafalau,” and others. Preview the table of contents and text here.

In his lengthy Introduction, Dykes suggests that thought-interpretation and its victors in horary were supposed to identify what a client’s interest is or should be, as a preliminary to crafting a horary question. Preview the Introduction here.

With its huge number of approaches and never-before translated texts, The Search of the Heart is essential for traditional astrologers. (228 pages)

The Search of the Heart is the first volume in the horary series of the Essential Medieval Astrology cycle, followed by al-Kindi's The Forty Chapters.

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