Persian Nativities IV: On the Revolutions of the Years of Nativities

The complete translation of Abu Ma’shar’s book on natal predictive techniques, from the original Arabic.

This volume is a required text for Benjamin Dykes’s traditional natal astrology course.

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astrology, traditional astrology, medieval astrology, prediction, distributions, bounds
Workshop: Distributions Through the Bounds

This special, hands-on workshop will teach you how to use “distributions,” an ancient and powerful predictive technique, in both natal and solar return charts. Length 3:03:00, 84MB.

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astrology, traditional astrology, medieval astrology, solar revolutions, solar returns, profections
Workshop: Elements of Solar Revolutions

This 2.5-hour workshop shows in great detail how to understand and combine several traditional techniques for analyzing a native's chart from year to year, using solar revolutions (solar returns), profections, and the direction of the Ascendant of the solar revolution. Length 2:34:55, 71MB.

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