What is Medieval Astrology?

Medieval astrology is the fullest development of the original systems of astrology in the West: it runs from the Egyptians through the Greeks, the Arabs, to the medieval Latins. It predicts the probable order of events in a person’s life as promised in the natal figure (the horoscope).

Traditional astrologer

What does an astrologer do?

Concrete Information

The birth chart shows the personality and types of experiences the client is likely to have in concrete areas of life, including: marriage/relationships, children, life purpose, recreation, spirituality, and finances. An astrologer describes the general character of a client’s life, and applies techniques to predict which promised event will occur at what time. Medieval astrology can predict both broader patterns (covering years) and narrower events occurring over a few days.


Most people conform to type and live by habit, so some predictions have a fated quality. But an astrologer can help a client in a rut overcome ingrained patterns by pointing out other, more productive alternatives made available by the natal figure. You cannot totally reinvent yourself; but an astrologer can help you take advantage of good timing and improve your life, experiencing greater freedom and happiness.

What do I need for a consultation?

You will need the accurate time (to the minute), date, and location of your birth. If your time is a bit off, you may still be able to get an accurate delineation, but I will pass over some predictive techniques. If your time is unknown, I can rectify or “correct” the chart to reflect the true time. A typical consultation includes a general life delineation with general comments on a variety of issues, and a set of predictions for the upcoming year. Other consultations on specific issues can be arranged, with prices suited to the request.

Why is traditional astrology good?


Much human misery is caused by wishful thinking and trying to live up to impossible standards. Like the ancient philosophers, medieval astrology discourages these sorts of self-deception. It helps us come to grips with who we objectively are, with the presence of both goods and evils in the world, and with realistic opportunities for happiness. Some modern astrology often flatters and makes people think everything is possible – but this can be a recipe for false notions of oneself and and one’s life purpose.


The themes and events in our lives are often, but not always, out of our control; but with preparation and spiritual insight we can be lead to greater contentment and gain the ability to manage our lives better. Medieval astrology promotes confidence because its predictions can help us prepare for difficulties and rejoice properly over our triumphs.


Astrology promotes insight into our personal life purpose, about our relationship to with the universe, and about the creative Intelligence beyond it that has given us a portion of its Light.

Multiple Techniques

Medieval astrology gives information that is honest, realistic, and specific; it combines multiple, accurate predictive techniques. Medieval astrology uses many specialized methods to delineate character, marriage, children, finances, profession, and so on. Much modern astrology is less methodical. In describing personality, medieval methods use features tailored to the individual rather than the so-called “sun sign”: the rising sign, its rulers, aspects to the Ascendant, house strengths, and so on. These positions in the sky change quickly, so everyone’s chart is different.