Upcoming talks: UAC 2018

Upcoming talks: UAC 2018

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I’m happy to announce that I will be giving two talks at UAC 2018 in Chicago! The first is on the meaning and uses of ascensional times (measuring how fast the signs rise) and how to make natal predictions with them. I will emphasize what kind of worldview they imply, and explain how ascensions work astronomically and in ancient map-making, in distributions (a kind of primary direction), in symbolic predictions by Valens, and the quick calculation of solar return Ascendants.

Then I will introduce traditional mundane astrology, based on my translations and research, focusing on several techniques from Ptolemy and medieval Arabic astrologers, illustrated with charts from World War I: eclipse interpretation, Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions, triplicity shifts, mundane profections, and ingress charts. Events discussed will include the Balkan Wars and Serbian politics, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and the outbreak of the war in 1914.

For more information, see my UAC astrology page.

I am the track leader for the History and Research track, please see the page and filter by Historical and Research: we have lots of great speakers! I hope to see many of you there, seeing old friends and making new ones!