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Astrological Works of Theophilus of Edessa


This is the first translation of the astrological works of Theophilus of Edessa, from Greek sources and Arabic excerpts. It includes mundane, electional, and natal astrology.


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Theophilus of Edessa (ca. 695 – 785 AD) played a role in the most transformative events of the Middle East between Muhammad and the Crusades. A Christian and chief astrologer for the Caliph al-Mahdī, Theophilus was a full-time military astrologer, actively advising ‘Abbāsid operations and adapting Dorotheus of Sidon to the needs of generals and kings. Much of his life was spent in the field, unlike better-known astrologers like Māshā’allāh.

This first translation of his astrological works showcases works on military questions and inceptions, mundane ingresses and Lots, weather, everyday elections, and much more, especially his use of Dorotheus and Rhetorius.