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Hermann of Carinthia: The Search of the Heart

“Every question of astronomy… is either in thought or in speech.”

In the 1140s AD, Hermann of Carinthia assembled instructions from medieval Arabic-speaking authorities on interpreting the unstated thoughts of clients (now called “consultation charts”), often using a “victor” or mubtazz or almuten for topics or the chart. Hermann also offered his own reflections on the proper balancing of dignities, house rank, and planetary strength.

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astrology, traditional astrology, medieval astrology, Holy Guardian Angel, magic, Golden Dawn
Victors, Almutens, and the Holy Guardian Angel

This audio download explains the concept of victors or “almutens” in traditional astrology: how to calculate and understand several types, and how to use Renaissance methods to determine the planetary category and name of one’s personal Angel or Higher Genius. See longer description below. Contains: MP3 and slides. (Length: 2:53:00, 83MB.)

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