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Victors, Almutens, and the Holy Guardian Angel


This audio download explains the concept of victors or “almutens” in traditional astrology: how to calculate and understand several types, and how to use Renaissance methods to determine the planetary category and name of one’s personal Angel or Higher Genius. See longer description below. Contains: MP3 and slides. (Length: 2:53:00, 83MB.)

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Confused about “victors,” “almutens,” “predominators,” “hylegs,” and other weird traditional terms? This workshop explains and explores the meaning and use of these “victors,” planets or places considered most powerful or authoritative for a certain topic. Victors are used in nativities, questions (horary), thought-interpretation, and other charts, and one of the more intriguing and unusual types is the victor over the nativity, which later authors associated with one’s personal Angel or daimon.

This workshop is suitable for beginners in traditional astrology, with plenty of explanations of dignities and sect. After going through numerous examples of victors “over” places and “among” places, Benjamin Dykes describes several methods for identifying, naming, and crafting a personal image of one’s Angel using techniques from the Middle Ages and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.