» » » Astrology of the World I: The Ptolemaic Inheritance

Astrology of the World I: The Ptolemaic Inheritance

Traditional mundane astrology in the tradition of Ptolemy


Astrology of the World I: The Ptolemaic Inheritance presents numerous selections by Arabic and Latin authors on areas of mundane astrology inspired by Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos. Many texts have been translated directly from Arabic by Benjamin Dykes. Authors include al-Kindi, ‘Umar al-Tabari, al-Rijal, Masha’allah, Abu Ma’shar, ibn Labban, Dorotheus, and ibn Ezra.

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Part I discusses weather prediction, with special material on Lots of rain, lunar mansions, the “opening of the doors,” the “centers” of the Moon, and more. Part II is devoted to prices and commodities, featuring a rare Arabic book on prices by Masha’allah. Part III is on eclipses and comets, with special attention to the timing of effects. Part IV is a detailed treatment of climes and regions of the earth ruled by the signs and planets, with numerous maps and mathe- matical instructions, including hundreds of place names and geographical coordinates. Of special interest are Ptolemys’ mundane triplicity lords, which help clarify his discussion of regular triplicity lords.

Extensive introductions on the methods of Ptolemy and others preface each Part, with commentary by Dr. Dykes throughout each section. With the future volumes on conjunctional theory, revolutions, and astrological history, it is essential for traditional astrologers. (518 pages)