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Bonatti on Basic Astrology


This volume contains Treatise 1-3 of Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy, which covers all areas of basic astrological principles and interpretation, as well as a defense of astrology. Click here for a PDF excerpt.

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Treatise 1: Defense of Astrology

A theoretical defense of astrology which includes Bonatti’s theoretical description of astrological judgment in terms of necessity, possibility, and impossibility (26 pp).

Treatise 2: Signs and Houses

Probably the most thorough treatment of the signs and houses existing in astrological literature. Drawing on many sources, Bonatti gives an explanation of the order and assignment of the signs, dignities, the weighted-point al-mubtazz, the houses and their powers, and an introduction to delineating the rulers of one house in another (121 pp). Preview

Treatise 3: Planets

Important especially for students of horary. After a thorough description of the planets’ universal significations and their rulerships over hours, days, periods of life, and other matters, Bonatti turns to an account of modes of perfection. Drawing on authorities such as al-Qabisi and Abu Ma’shar, Bonatti describes numerous methods of perfection and the denial of perfection which pertain to all areas of traditional astrology. Bonatti’s text is illustrated with 16 redesigned diagrams (101 pp). Preview