astrology, traditional astrology, medieval astrology, mundane astrology, Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions, ingresses
Introduction to Traditional Mundane Part 2

This audio lecture download discusses numerous techniques in traditional mundane, including eclipses, Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions, triplicity shifts, mundane profections, and Aries ingresses (see full description below). The download includes: MP3 audio, a handout, and slides.Length: 1:55:00, 54MB.

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astrology, traditional astrology, medieval astrology, Saturn, mundane astrology
Saturn in Traditional Mundane Astrology

This special lecture for RubiCon Astrology looks at the role of Saturn in traditional mundane astrology, beginning with Abu Ma’shar’s planetary hierarchy and Saturn’s role as the king and lawgiver, then moving to Saturn-Jupiter mean conjunctions, transits of and/or to Saturn, and Saturn-Mars conjunctions in Cancer. Approx. 1 hour, with audio and slides. $20

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