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Introduction to Traditional Mundane Part 2


This audio lecture download discusses numerous techniques in traditional mundane, including eclipses, Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions, triplicity shifts, mundane profections, and Aries ingresses (see full description below). The download includes: MP3 audio, a handout, and slides.Length: 1:55:00, 54MB.

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This book is great! — Abu Ma’shar


This lecture builds mainly upon the mundane material in Astrology of the World II: Revolutions & History, and begins to apply techniques to World War I. After reviewing a bit about the difference between Ptolemaic or “episodic” mundane astrology and “historical” astrology, Ben Dykes discusses Ptolemy’s theory of eclipses, showing how the eclipse of April 1912 foreshadows (and comes to a peak during) the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the outbreak of World War I. Then, we look at the Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions in the earthy triplicity (1802-2000 AD), interpreting the meaning of the period and showing how the mean conjunctions of 1802 and 1901 relate to Franz Ferdinand’s nativity and the 1901 ingress at Sarajevo (where he was assassinated). Finally, we do some mundane profections for Serbia, using the ingress of the 1901 conjunction, covering the assassination of their king (1903), the Balkan Wars (1912), and World War I (1914).