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Bonatti on Nativities


A treasure of natal astrology, drawing on Abu 'Ali, 'Umar al-Tabari, Ptolemy, and al-Ridwan's commentary on the Tetrabiblos, among others. A detailed treatment of longevity calculations is followed by sections on physiognomy and personal character, and then all matters pertaining to the houses: prosperity and wealth, siblings, parents and their longevity, children, servants and illnesses, marriage and enemies, death, spirituality and travel, reputation and profession, friends, secret enemies. Lastly, Bonatti provides information on primary directions, profections, and other predictive techniques (309 pp). Click here for a PDF excerpt.

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History of the Book of Astronomy

Guido Bonatti was one of the most famous of medieval astrologers. An advisor to important politicians in 13th Century Italy, his astrological advice influenced key events in his tumultuous times. He was so well known and influential that Dante includes him in the Inferno!

The Book of Astronomy offers an unparalleled glimpse into the working life of a medieval astrologer. For the first time, charts from Bonatti’s own practice are correlated with events in his life and other political events.

Only small portions of the Book of Astronomy have ever been available in modern languages. This monumental work, several years in the making, makes the remaining 75% available. At a length of almost 1,600 pages, Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy is unparalleled in traditional astrology in its size, scope, and importance. It is essential for serious students and scholars.