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Traditional Astrology for Today: An Introduction


Traditional Astrology for Today is a clear and approachable set of short chapters answering important questions for the contemporary astrologer about many traditional techniques, attitudes, concepts of counseling, and answers modern objections to traditional practice.

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Traditional Astrology for Today is designed for the curious modern astrology student or practicing professional. Do you:

  • Want an introduction before spending more time and money on traditional books or courses?
  • Want to supplement your current practice with traditional techniques?
  • Need basic objections to traditional astrology answered?
  • Seek a quick guide to basic ideas, vocabulary, history, and the names and works of older astrologers?
  • Need an up-to-date reference guide to the best, current books in English?

This book is designed to fulfill these needs. In it, Benjamin Dykes explains how using numerous techniques and concepts from our heritage will enhance your chart reading today. Traditional Astrology for Today provides a brisk and helpful guide to traditional astrological history, concepts, interpretation rules, predictive methods, as well as philosophical ideas and counseling strategies. The book concludes with responses to common objections, a guide for further study, and an extensive glossary. Throughout, Benjamin Dykes emphasizes the humanity of traditional astrology and the contributions it can make to contemporary practice.

Whether you want to move forward in traditional astrology or just learn a few more techniques, Traditional Astrology for Today will give you a solid grounding, allowing you to enrich your experience and skills immediately. (140 pages)