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Works of Sahl & Masha’allah


Sahl bin Bishr (Zahel) and Masha’allah were two of the most influential medieval astrologers from the Arabic period. In a new work of 618 pages, Dr. Benjamin Dykes translates 16 of their most important works–many of them for the first time in any modern language! This essential work in medieval astrology includes many charts and lengthy introductory remarks and explanations by the translator.

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The importance of Sahl and Masha’allah

Sahl bin Bishr and Masha’allah were key early figures in medieval astrology (ca. 750-850 AD) as it transitioned from the Greek and Persian period into the Arabic-Latin period. Much of what we recognize as medieval astrology comes directly from the works translated here! Later astrologers, including Guido Bonatti, were inspired by and liberally borrowed from Sahl’s and Masha’allah’s works on basic principles and judgments, horary, elections, predictive techniques, nativities, and mundane astrology. In this book you will be able to compare the horary methods of Sahl and Masha’allah, learn elections and mundane astrology from these early medieval masters, study unusual techniques on finding hidden objects or discovering a client’s intention, learn the relation between detriment and corruption, see connections between Dorotheus and Sahl, and much more. It is a critical text for all students of traditional astrology.

Table of Contents

Translator’s Introduction

This 70-page introduction by Benjamin Dykes contains short essays on numerous topics: five relations to domiciles, twelfth-parts, whole-signs, reliance on Dorotheus, consultation charts, and more.

Sahl: The Introduction

An introduction to astrological principles, with important definitions of planetary combinations.

Sahl: The Fifty Judgments

Fifty aphorisms on judging such matters as sect, retrogradation and stations, benefics and malefics, and more.

Sahl: On Elections

A classic work on elections, drawing on Dorotheus.

Sahl: On Questions

Comprehensive horary treatments on all matters.

Sahl: On Times

Collection of numerous predictive techniques, both general and topic-specific.

Masha’allah: On the Knowledge of the Motion of the Orb

An astronomical work covering the elements, planetary orbs, eclipses and weather.

Masha’allah: On the Roots of Revolutions

Also known as the “Letter on Eclipses,” this work introduces basic concepts in mundane astrology.

Masha’allah: Chapter on the Rains in the Year

A work on weather prediction.

Masha’allah: On Rains

A work on weather prediction.

Masha’allah: On the Revolution of the Years of the World

A lengthy work on interpreting ingress charts and eclipses, both for political events and weather.

Masha’allah: On the Significations of the Planets in a Nativity

Intriguing lists of planetary positions in the signs, houses, and the bounds, including a use of planetary periods for prediction.

Masha’allah: On Nativities

IAn introduction to life-expectancy predictions and quality of life delineations.

Masha’allah: On the Interpretation of Cognition

A work based on “consultation charts,” finding significators for the purpose and outcome of horary consultations.

Masha’allah: On Hidden Things

A collection of techniques for finding hidden and lost objects.

Masha’allah: On Reception

A lengthy, classic work on horary technique and the value of reception.

Masha’allah: What the Planets Signify in the Twelve Domiciles of the Circle

Delineations for the planets in each others’ domiciles.