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The Book of the Nine Judges


The great medieval compendium of Persian and Arabic masters

The Book of the Nine Judges is the largest traditional compilation of horary astrology, drawn from nine Persian and Arabic astrologers. Translated from Arabic sources chiefly by the 12th-Century Latin translator Hugo of Santalla, it achieved legendary status but has never before been translated into any modern language. It includes material by Masha’allah, ‘Umar al-Tabari, Abu Ma’shar, Sahl bin Bishr, al-Kindi, Abu ‘Ali al-Khayyat, “Dorotheus,” “Aristotle,” and Jirjis. Click here for a PDF excerpt.

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Beginning with a primer on questions by Benjamin Dykes, Judges opens with introductions by Masha’allah, ‘Umar al-Tabari, and Sahl on choosing significators and victors, and identifying modes of perfection. Well-known and lesser-known manuals on questions are then collated by house topic, ranging from matters of wealth, marriage, war, theft, positions of honor and rulership, travel, and horse racing. Notable mundane sections offer methods of predicting weather and prices.

Throughout, Benjamin Dykes provides numerous comments, helpful footnotes, and diagrams. Appendices include Sahl’s Fifty Judgments, advice on questions from Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy, and helpful instructions from Masha’allah’s On Reception. Containing a study guide for astrological basics, a reference table of questions, and the most extensive glossary of traditional astrological terms to date, The Book of the Nine Judges is essential for traditional astrologers. (734 pages)