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Primary Directions Without Tears


This audio download discusses how primary directions differ from other techniques like progressions, and completely explains how to calculate traditional directions using your astrology program’s animation function, illustrated with several chart example. Contains: MP3 and slides. Length: 1:45:00, 49MB.

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Primary directions have a tremendous reputation as a predictive technique that goes back to antiquity, but many people are intimidated by lists of elaborate equations and confusing instructions. Frequently, people are unclear as to what they even are. In this lecture, Ben Dykes shows how to calculate all three basic types of directions with virtually no math, using your astrology program’s animation or election function to do most of the calculations. This lecture emphasizes how primary directions actually work and differ from secondary progressions, solar arcs, and similar methods, with instructions on how to interpret directions, and examples taken from actual charts. By the end of this lecture, you will be able to calculate any basic primary direction!